about me.

Hey there! I’m Joanna.

I’m just an average girl from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who loves friends, food, running, and Jesus (a lot).

After graduating high school in June 2016 I felt God calling me to spend a year getting to know Him more intimately and serving among my brothers and sisters around the world. For a long time I resisted this calling the Father had placed on my life; I was scared of the unknown. I was afraid I wouldn’t have the amount of faith it takes to follow God with full abandon.

But God’s plans are so much bigger than our own.

He has placed such a passion in my heart to go to the nations and make disciples. I yearn to see the lost saved, and to see churches rise up and multiply where the gospel has not yet been.

Through this process I have seen the faithfulness of God like never before. The journey has been far from easy, full of all kinds of unexpected twists and turns, but through it all God has reminded me that He is in control.

He has been teaching me to LIVE DEAD; to die to my own desires in order to bring His kingdom closer to earth.

I have been challenged to LOVE LARGE; to love others in response to the Father’s heart towards me. Love is not a feeling, but a choice. If we choose to love others, God will give us the strength to express His love.

Isn’t it so fun doing life with Jesus?! We get to go through each day knowing that He has awesome things planned that we could never dream of, and although it’s not always easy, He is constant.

He always remains the same.

We can trust Him.

My hope is that in reading this you will be encouraged, challenged, entertained, and filled with faith.


In Christ,



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