Be Satisfied.

The Lord has really been  tugging on my heart with these words lately…”be satisfied”.

My favorite place here in Cyprus is the Sea. There is a rock barrier that juts out into the water; this is my thinking place. I love to run here and just sit on the rocks, watching the water crash into the shore as I think and pray. The past few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time on these rocks.

It’s been a time and season of wrestling, questioning, celebrating, and evaluating. And while these thoughts have flooded my mind and impacted my days, I have been struggling with bringing them before the Lord. Maybe it’s because I just don’t want to confront them. Maybe I’m afraid that the Lord will give me an answer I don’t want to hear, or won’t give me an answer at all. And yet, through this wrestling, the Lord has been drawing me so near to Him, as if to remind me of His tenderness, to remind me that He’s my Father, and I can trust my Father.

A few nights ago I finally came before the Lord, honest and raw with Him about where I’m at right now. These are the words I heard Him reply with:

My precious daughter,

Be deeply satisfied in me, fully satisfied, filled completely and lacking nothing. Delight in me. Find yourself complete in me with no need to search elsewhere for approval or fulfillment. May you taste and see that I am good, so good that you can take or leave anything else in the world as long as you have me. My darling, nothing and no one else even comes close to me and what I have for you.

I think for each of us there is something that we would count as our “greatest desire”, something that burns on our hearts more than anything else and which we long to fulfill. For me, these are the things in my heart that take up a lot of my resting thoughts. These things impact the decisions I make, both daily and long-term. And it’s so easy for me to hide these things from the Lord, to bring all my other struggles before Him openly, but to withhold these “greatest desires” from Him. I think a lot of it is that I’m ashamed of the focus they take in my life. Unconsciously I think I often put up a wall between my greatest desires and the Lord’s will for my life, as if those things can’t exist together, as if I must leave behind all the desires of my heart if I’m to follow Christ. And while in some areas of our lives this may be true, as the Lord calls us to give up our cravings for the things of this world, He also is our Father who places desires in our hearts and loves to fulfill those desires.

The problem comes when I attempt to satisfy these longings outside of the Lord. Many times I can find momentary satisfaction from the things of this world, things that are marketed to us as the cure-all, things the world encourages and promotes. And even though I have tasted the pure joy and satisfaction only found in Christ, I am still drawn to the things of this world to give me a “quick fix” for all my deepest desires. However, this is only temporary, and when these imitations of satisfaction fade away, I’m left feeling empty.

Satisfaction found in Christ is sure and complete. What beautiful promises we have in Christ, promises to satisfy us even in the desert seasons, even in seasons of long waiting(Isaiah 58:11). Not only is His heart to satisfy our “deepest desires”, but He also promises to be our provision in the waiting, in the times when everything in us craves for those desires to be fulfilled, He is filling us with peace and contentment. He fills our hearts with courage and reminds us that what is to come is so worth waiting for. What He longs to give us far outweighs any of the forged versions the world offers us.

He is our Father and He can be trusted with our hearts’ desires; He created them after all.

In Him alone can we be truly satisfied.



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  1. Jo, this is so encouraging to read! I am at a similar place right now and I need to be reminded of some of these truths! Thank you for letting Christ shine through you! I miss and love you!


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